Six Ways to Become a 3PL Warehouse Your Customers Will Love in 2022

As 3PLs are trying to evolve and keep up with changing logistics. So, 3PLs must show their customers they’re willing to go the extra mile. Outsourcing is a complicated process for most companies. So, providers must find ways to stand out from their competition as much as possible. Here are six ways 3PLs can up their game and win over new customers in 2022.


Make the Warehouse an Extension of Customer’s Business

To make the warehouse an extension of your customer’s business, it is essential to understand what makes customers happy.

You can think of your warehouse as a branch of your company. If you want your customers to feel at home while shopping in your warehouse, get the id of any surprises when they come.

This means having precisely what they ordered, on time, and at the right temperature. It also means that the staff is friendly and helpful and that the store is clean and organized.

The best way to achieve this is by ensuring that everything is well-labeled and organized. This will let customers know where everything is when they walk into the warehouse. You should also have clear signs posted throughout the store. Customers can find what they are looking for without asking employees. 

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The Three PS of Customer Service Are:

  • Product knowledge. Make sure you understand your products and keep updated on developments.
  • Passion for the business. Be enthusiastic about what you sell. , This will come across in your customer interactions.
  • People skills. Treat people with respect and consideration. This applies to both when dealing with difficult situations or distressed customers.

Be a Problem-Solver To Your Customers

Be a problem-solver and not a problem creator. Your customers expect you to help them solve their problems. So make sure you think about what they are trying to achieve and how your services can help them achieve it. They want you to be an extension of their existing team and someone who is focused on helping them succeed.

Third-party logistics providers help other companies with their supply chain management. These companies have been around for decades. So, they have provided their clients with various services. But being a 3PL is not easy, and they face many challenges regularly. One of these challenges is finding new clients. How can 3PLs attract more clients?

One way that they can do this is by being problem solvers. They need to understand what problems their clients face and offer solutions. This will allow them to gain more trust from their clients. Besides, it will make them feel like getting what they need from the relationship.

3PLs need to understand this because it will help them attract and retain more clients. It also helps build stronger relationships between 3PLs and their customers. This leads to better business results in the long run.

Every 3PL has an extensive network of clients. But they also have many suppliers and other logistics providers. If you can solve problems for your clients, you will be rewarded with loyalty from them. 

Here are some ways that 3PLs can solve problems for their clients:

  • Provide solutions for an existing problem
  • Find answers to the issues that haven’t been realized yet.
  • Create solutions that make operations easier/more efficient

Learn How to Take Charge of Technology and Keep It in Check

There are so many new technologies out there, and it’s essential to know how to stay on top of them. Don’t let technology run your business; make sure it works for you. This can be done by keeping an eye on the market and staying up-to-date with new trends. 

For instance, switch to digital dashboards if you’re currently using a paper system for checklists. You can also try to implement a scanner system that lets you track inventory levels.

Look beyond savings and into optimization and cost reduction

When optimizing your warehouse, look beyond the cost of goods. You may be able to cut costs by switching to a cheaper shipping carrier. Still, those small savings can disappear if you fail to consider their impact.

A better approach is taking a holistic view of your business. You can make changes that increase efficiency by considering all costs and processes. 

You’ll need data from every aspect of your operation to do this. This includes material management, distribution, and transportation. You can then use this information to gain insight into what works best for your company’s needs.

Create a Culture of Engaged People to Attract More Customers

A culture is a group of people motivated to do their best work every day. Culture can be defined as positive behaviors, beliefs, and practices. These practices can help an organization achieve its goals. Culture is not a process or system but a group of people with common values and beliefs.

Although culture may seem intangible, it’s critical in creating a successful company. This is because it determines how your business will operate daily. 

The best way to create this type of environment? Hire people with aligned values. They should be passionate about what they do and get everyone involved. 

Leverage Your Resources for the Most Value to Win Customers

As with any new process, starting small and having patience is good. If you’re not already using third-party logistics (3PL) companies, you should get acquainted with them.

If your company is working with a third-party logistics provider, talk to them about their goals for this partnership. What do they want? How will their services help grow your business? Do they have any suggestions for ways to work more efficiently?

Third-party logistics companies are good at helping businesses find ways to optimize operations. This includes how goods are picked and packed for shipping out of the warehouse and how goods come into the warehouse.

If possible, take advantage of training opportunities provided by 3PLs. The training may comprise barcode scanners or supply chain software solutions. 

For a 3PL warehouse, love is about saying yes. It also involves solving problems and being a good partner. It would be best to use tools available to make both customers and your company’s business better.



Implementing any of these six ideas can take time. They won’t be complete in a day and probably won’t be finished in a year. It will take several years for you to adopt them entirely, so start now. You can take steps to implement these ideas today—Research the tools available. You can also reach out to 3PLs and ask them how they implement the discussed concepts. Then take the initiative to think about your warehouse differently. For more details, contact sales support.

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