Omnichannel Fulfillment to Drive Success for 3PLS

Omnichannel fulfillment is a fundamental concept for anyone in the business of 3PLs. It can help you stand out to your customers, protect your brand and grow sales. Read on to learn how an omnichannel fulfillment strategy will drive Success for 3PLs.

Manufacturers are looking for 3PLs to provide full-service omnichannel fulfillment.

Omnichannel fulfillment implies that a 3PL will offer many services to a manufacturer. The exact nature of these services will depend on the needs of both parties involved. For example, suppose you are looking for storage space. In that case, you may consider utilizing one company for your fulfillment needs.

But, some manufacturers may need assistance with shipping orders. Therefore, they may be better served by hiring multiple 3PLs. The hired 3PLs must specialize in these areas. Regardless of the type of services you require, they must be consistent. They should be able to provide services over time so that customers can trust them. This is important for a future relationship in the future.

Why Is Omnichannel Fulfillment So Important?

Omnichannel fulfillment is the process of processing orders and shipping products to customers. The goal is to provide customers with the best possible experience. So, no matter what channel they use to interact with your brand. Here are three reasons why omnichannel fulfillment is so important:

  • It provides a consistent experience for customers across all channels. This helps you develop trust and loyalty among your customers. Plus, it will also lead to increased sales.
  • It allows you to offer more products and services to many people. It allows for accessibility via many different platforms. This means you can sell more things, making more money!
  • It saves time and money by reducing costs associated with operating multiple warehouses or shipping centers around the world—which means that more profit goes directly into your pocket instead of being spent on expenses like rent or employees’ salaries (or both!).

This expectation is driven by technology, as well as competitive pressure. More consumers use mobile apps and e-commerce sites. This has pushed retailers to adapt to changing customer behaviors. The increased speed and convenience provided by modern systems are critical. 3PLs offer logistic supply chain services to bring transparency into their operations. More visibility means better operational gains across all functions such as inventory management.”

What Is the Most Critical Element of a Successful Omnichannel Program?

Besides efficient inventory management, omnichannel fulfillment requires various other technologies. These include:

  • Omnichannel inventory visibility. You should ensure accuracy and efficiency in your warehouse. Besides, third-party Logistics should have an integrated warehouse management system (WMS). The WMS should allow you to see what’s in stock. This is regardless of whether it’s stored in a single location. 
  • Order consolidation. Shipping from stores is one way for retailers to offer same-day delivery. But this also creates problems for the 3PL. Suppose orders come from multiple locations with different shipping policies and rates. A cloud-based e-commerce platform can help you consolidate orders. This is achievable by sending orders together. This way, you will save time and money by reducing shipping costs. At the same time, you will be increasing customer satisfaction. 
  • Same-day delivery solutions. These may include solutions such as ship-from-store programs. Such programs require advanced order fulfillment capabilities. Besides, the programs should allow retailers to fulfill online orders without being shipped back to their headquarters.

Why 3PLs need to provide the best omnichannel fulfillment services

In 2022, the best 3PLs should provide their clients with the necessary tools and services. The provisions should be able to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience. The future is here, and to stay relevant, 3PLs, need to adapt. They need to provide their clients with the best possible omnichannel fulfillment services.

3PLs are the backbone of many supply chains. But they are becoming crucial to omnichannel fulfillment.

According to a recent survey, three out of five consumers have bought online. A percentage of these consumers have returned items to retailers. About 40% of those shoppers said they made returns because of a complicated process. 

This is where 3PLs come in. They can help retailers provide a seamless and convenient experience for their customers. They can achieve this by offering omnichannel fulfillment services. The services must allow them to sell online and in-store.

Omnichannel fulfillment is an integral part of any successful supply chain. This is because it allows companies to reach more customers and increase sales. They do this by providing them with multiple ordering options. This gives shoppers more ways to buy your products. In the long run, they make it easier to complete their purchase. This happens from start to finish—and even easier if they need to return!

With cost-effective omnichannel fulfillment services, you can offer your customers fast shipping options. Besides, you will offer your clients flexible services. Every order goes on, no matter how it’s placed or where it needs to go.

Omnichannel fulfillment will be an essential Service a 3PL can offer in 2022

The future has arrived, and it’s time for 3PLs to adapt. In 2022, the essential service a 3PL can offer is omnichannel fulfillment. Providing this service will be critical to staying relevant in 2022. Why?

  • Consumers are more demanding than ever before. Customers today expect a seamless experience. It doesn’t matter how they choose to interact with your company. They can place their orders online or offline. Other ways could be via chatbot or voice assistant. Note that customers want quick order processing. This is their order so that they never miss out on deals and promotions. Plus, they won’t hesitate to shop elsewhere if you fail them!
  • Demand from retailers is growing. There’s a significant incentive for everyone involved in this value chain. Entities will survive and thrive despite growing competition from new players like Amazon. 


Advances in technology have allowed the supply chain to become more flexible. With these advancements, 3PLs can provide solutions that have not been achievable. This article has outlined predictions for how omnichannel fulfillment will impact 3PL warehouses. So, companies should adopt them to gain a competitive advantage. For more details contact sales support.

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