Managing Change: How 3PLs Can Manage It?

Changing operations can be one of the most challenging tasks to face. Whether your company wants to upgrade or downsize, the process can be cumbersome. So, is managing change for 3PLs? Read on to find out.

Managing Change

Make Sure That Your Workers Are Informed

One of the things you can do to help your workers prepare for change is to ensure they are informed. Workers need to know what changes are happening. They should also understand why they’re happening and how each change will affect them at their job. Ensure everyone in the warehouse knows what’s going on.

This means more than just sending an email or posting a sign around the building. It means making sure that each person knows exactly what to do. They also know when they should be doing it by providing detailed instructions. If you have employees working in shifts, make sure they get trained. This ensures everything runs smoothly from day one!

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Emphasize Worker Safety During the Change Over Time Spent on Other Tasks

Safety should be a top priority for you and your 3PL warehouse during any changeover. When workflows change, you must remind workers that safety can be compromised. And this can happen if they don’t pay attention. All workers should follow the same procedures at all times. Your 3PL warehouse will put in place more stringent safety measures. This is especially if someone is harmed on the job site.

Managing Change By Discussing Issues With Key Employees

You’ll also want to talk to your employees regularly. Most of us use email for this purpose. But you may want to consider scheduling an in-person meeting with them. Alternatively, call each person individually if your company is small.

Managing Change is an ongoing process in the logistics industry. So, it often involves a delicate balance between the needs of customers and suppliers. 

It can be difficult for a client to change their delivery schedule. It is also not easy to make changes to product specifications. However, by communicating with employees, 3PLs can ensure they are prepared. As a result, they know how best to communicate them to their clients.

3PLs can make sure that they are aware of any new challenges. They can do this by communicating openly with critical employees. This will help ensure that everyone understands what is happening. Any problems can be addressed before they become serious issues. Here are some other ways that you can solicit employee feedback:

  • Set up a suggestion box in the break room. You can then ask employees to submit ideas for improving operations at least once per month. You could also send out surveys via email or include the survey as part of their paycheck stubs.
  • Make sure that everyone knows how they can contribute by sharing improvement details. This will encourage further participation from employees who saw no benefit from speaking up before. 

Managing Change By Outlining Critical Processes

The next step is identifying the processes that need to change. The best way to do this is through a process mapping exercise. The exercise involves interviewing employees and documenting their workflows. Each process outlines its inputs and outputs, including who participates in it. You can analyze your data and determine which methods require improvements. Some good candidates include those with high error rates. Here are other areas that warrant attention:

  • Manual data entry
  • Batch processing
  • Frequent use of spreadsheets
  • Excess reporting
  • Redundant tasks performed by different people within one department
  • Manual approval processes between departments or teams

Managing Change By Reviewing Inventory Procedures

If you want to improve inventory management, ensure your current strategies are as effective as possible. Review your current inventory procedures and determine if they need any modifications. An outdated inventory management system will have several issues associated with it, including:

  • Inaccurate data
  • Inefficient process
  • Slow processing times

The first thing to remember is that inventory procedure is the backbone of 3PLs. They’re rules and processes that govern the handling and storage of goods. The best procedure minimizes risk while still meeting all your needs as a client.

Here are some of the ways that reviewing your inventory procedures can help you:

  • Minimizing risk. The more you know about your inventory’s location, the better you can reduce risk. This means having an up-to-date record of where everything is at all times. So, if something goes missing or gets damaged, you can get it replaced.
  • Being prepared for changes. When things change in business, be ready for changes in your inventory procedures. If changes are necessary, review your inventory procedures. They will help you ensure that these changes aren’t stressful.

Consider Outsourcing Manual Processes and Concentrating on Automation When It’s Possible

When moving from traditional warehousing to 3PL warehousing, consider outsourcing manual processes. Besides, concentrate on automation when it’s possible.

Automation can improve efficiency and reduce the need for human labor. This will translates into lower labor costs and increased profits. But, many companies find it challenging to let go of their manual processes. This is because those are what they’ve done for years or decades. 

It’s easier to embrace Change with 3PL warehouse management software (WMS). Besides, it can maintain control over its operation. Keep a benchmark for how skilled your workers are. Besides, determine if extra training may be required in the future.

A third-party logistics (3PL) provider can help you manage Change. That’s because 3PLs offer added logistics services, including warehousing and transportation. With these services, your company can take advantage of best practices. 

Managing Change


Managing change is often stressful. It’s common for people to experience negative emotions in response to change. But there are ways to manage this reaction and even make it an advantage for your company. 3PL warehouses must continue to evolve with the times to stay competitive. This includes switching to real-time reporting and inventory management systems and investing in other technologies to make their jobs more manageable. It also ensures they are always on top of the latest trends. For more details, contact sales support.

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