Integrated 3PL Softwares & Their Benefits to Businesses

Integrated 3PL software solutions are the most recent products in the logistics business. They help manage the entire handling, shipping, and delivery of various goods. This is on those goods requiring special care.

Integrated 3PL softwares

What Is an Integrated 3PL Software System?

An integrated 3PL softwares are centralized. So, It integrates warehouse management, transportation management, and accounting software. The software can help companies grow and scale their business operations. 

Integrated 3PL softwares help you avoid unnecessary complexity. This is by offering a single system that manages every aspect of your supply operations. This ensures the most efficient processes possible at all times. It provides relevant data for decision-making. A person can focus on building your firm. 

Integrated 3PL softwares are designed for eCommerce sellers. This makes it easy for them to scale without spending money on customizations. The customization often costs thousands of dollars per month.

How Cloud-Based Systems Are Different?

Cloud-based 3PL software systems work on any device and can be accessed anywhere. This means you can use the software without logging into a desktop computer. It comes in handy if you have an office in two different locations. As long as they have internet access, they can access the system.

Cloud-based 3PL software also requires less support. This is because there are no hardware requirements for updating the system. It’s easier to update since web browsers can make changes online. Plus, all updates happen without disrupting users. This is an excellent method for saving time.

Since cloud-based 3PL is accessible anywhere, there’s internet access. Besides, it’s much less expensive than traditional installation costs (which include labor). You will not need extra equipment to run this type of service.

What Are the Benefits of a Single Software System?

It makes it easier to manage your entire operation and keep track of your shipments. You don’t have to worry about which departments use apps with a single system. Ensure all your data is in one place, so there’s no confusion about who’s doing what and where they stand on their tasks.

It’s also easier to find new employees when they have access to everything they need right away. Employees can learn the ropes as they go along instead of being trained. Here is a detailed list of the benefits:

  • Cost savings. Integrating your 3PL software with other businesses can help you maximize your system.
  • Ease of use. Ensuring that every user has an accessible, intuitive, and easy system is crucial. It will keep you on top of your operations.
  • Ease of administration. It would be best if you had a simple operational solution to administer. Anyone in your organization should use it without difficulty or confusion.
  • Ease of training. A complex system may need extensive training for new users. This affects productivity within the organization if not handled carefully.
  • Support. If you don’t manage costs, they will add up quickly. Therefore, Integrated software systems provide a single point of contact when issues arise. It makes it easier for other employees. 

What Kinds of Software Can Be Integrated?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is the most common integrated software system. An ERP system tends to include a variety of different modules. They have warehouse management systems, transportation management systems, business intelligence, and analytics. The modules help companies understand their supply chains and customers better. Besides, it assists business entities with order management systems. 

When Should You Seek to Integrate Your 3PL Software?

Most companies seek to integrate their 3PL software during their growth phase. Most companies do it when they are ready for advanced features and functionality. An integrated system allows companies to have access to critical logistics components. The ability to transition from one module to another helps eliminates workflow disruptions. The disruptions may be caused by switching between many platforms. 

When your business is scaling, you need new functionality. They include improved reporting capabilities. It could also be a better way for employees who don’t work in the exact location. Integration can help activate existing technology investments. Besides, it can ensure they work together rather than as standalone tools.

What Is the Process Like to Integrate Your 3PL Software?

To integrate your 3PL software, you will need to:

  • Open the 3PL software’s API documentation. Then determine what data you want to export from the system. This is usually a list of products or services that can be shipped in an XML file format.
  • The next step is to install an API key onto your website or EDI provider account. This allows it to continue communicating with your 3PL software for data transfer. The API key acts as an encryption method. Only authorized users can access the information.

Now that all this is set up, how does the process work? For example, someone might visit your site to buy a particular product. Since you have installed an API key on both systems, they’ll first see a pop-up window. The window could ask them if they would like more information about the product. This window will appear because the integration connects through APIs without extra programming.

How Integrated 3PL Software Systems Work

3PL software needs to be fast and reliable. You want it to meet the demands of today’s supply chain environment. “3PLs are doing more with less, but they’re dealing with larger volumes of information.” And that can help you get your inventory data into the system, so it is available when needed.

Your warehouse management system (WMS) should be accurate. Therefore, it shouldn’t create problems when it comes time to make changes. 

Using cloud-based automation tools. The tolls could include Microsoft Azure Machine Learning Studio. This tool provides easy access via an application programming interface. This way, it allows developers to build their models. 

Integrated 3PL softwares


3PL software systems can help you reduce costs and improve efficiency. With integrated 3PL software, there’s no need to invest in separate programs. The solution provides a single point of access to all your logistics needs. This could range from order management and fulfillment. Besides, it includes shipping route optimization, freight invoicing, and payment processing. For more details, contact sales support.

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