Customer Experience and 3PLs —What’s The Big Deal?

Improving customer experience may seem like an obvious objective for ecommerce 3PLs. But many third-party logistics companies (3PLs) overlook this vital opportunity. Logistics professionals agree that it is essential to communicate about shipping charges. The success of ecommerce warehouses is dependent on their customer experience. Here is why improving customer experience matters for ecommerce 3PLs.

customer experience

Delivery Speed Matters

One of the most crucial aspects of client happiness is speed. When you’re shopping online, time is a precious commodity. You want to know that your order will arrive on time. Plus, you want to track your shipment as it makes its way through the shipping process.

Customers also tend to be more forgiving if there is an issue with delivery times. Suppose customers have other options for delivery or pickup locations nearby. For example, if a package doesn’t arrive when expected because of a shipping issue. Still, you live near a retail area where you could pick up your product. Many customers would be satisfied with this alternative because it saves them time. They don’t have to wait longer than necessary for their package.

Customer Control Is Key

Customer control is critical. Customers are demanding more from your company, and they do it rightfully. They want to know where their goods are at all times. This enables them to track their orders and change delivery details whenever they feel like it.

This requires a considerable amount of information flow between you and the customer. This information flow has to happen in real-time. This is where 3PLs come in. They can help manage these incoming requests while ensuring that everything runs smoothly. They can also provide inventory management or warehouse fulfilment (if needed).

Service Is Everything

Service is everything. A recent survey found that 77% of online shoppers want to speak to a human being when they have an issue. That’s the same percentage willing to pay more for good service. It’s no surprise why. According to one study, customers who receive high-quality service spend more. You will likely get repeat customers when your business has an excellent reputation. And referrals from happy clients.

In contrast, lousy service leaves customers dissatisfied; and this can them turn away. The study found that 56% of consumers would tell others about their poor experiences. Many people will avoid doing business with companies that give them poor treatment.

Customers Are More Brand Loyal Than Ever

You need to understand that customers are more loyal than ever. According to a study by Bain & Company, 60% of consumers are willing to pay more for a brand they trust. Thirty-eight per cent report being extremely loyal to brands with high customer service. Just look at how major brands have been able to turn their customer service into an art form. This has made it easier for other retailers such as Amazon Prime Wardrobe and Glossier.

If you’re an eCommerce 3PL provider, you must ensure your services meet these needs. Otherwise, you risk losing business. 

Customer Experience Impacts Revenue

According to a study by the Ariely Group, customers who receive a better customer experience are more likely to buy more and spend more. This is because they are less likely to shop around or compare prices. The same study found that customers who received terrible experiences had less potential to buy again. Besides, they were less willing to recommend the brand.

To ensure all aspects of your customer experience are covered, you must consider how the entire process impacts revenue. For example:

  • How does an improved product delivery affect income?
  • What about an improved shipping time?
  • Do you have good return policies in place?
  • Does your 3PL provide state-of-the-art technology? Does it make it easier for your customers to place orders and track them?

Brand building improves the customer experience in ecommerce.

The brand-building creates a brand that customers can trust to deliver consistent quality. This means you must create a consistent experience for all your customers. It doesn’t matter how they interact with your brand. You need to offer them the same level of service, regardless of their mode of purchase. 

Customer experience is an essential element in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Besides, it’s also crucial for your bottom line. Suppose you have happy customers who feel their needs are being met. They are more likely to buy from you again. They can also recommend your company to others. Others can pay more for products or services. This is because customers can distinguish between many products and services. 

It’s vital to highlight that this tendency isn’t limited to the retail sector. Customer experience has improved and become more valuable. In particular, consumers seek transparency throughout the production chain.

Tracking orders is essential because it ensures customers receive the best services. Suppose a customer wants to track their order. In that case, they need to be able to do so during the transportation or delivery process. This enables them to get updates about where their product or package is during shipment. 

Providing customers access to real-time tracking information is crucial. It allows them to access their data whenever necessary. They don’t have to wait until after an order has arrived at its destination. This means there will be fewer questions from customers. Customers may want more information about where their products are located.

customer experience

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Your brand’s image is reflected in the customer experience. It’s the first impression your customers have. Therefore, it can make or break their relationship with you. Plus, their experience will shape how they feel about you. This affects their loyalty to the brand.

Customers pleased with your service will most likely tell others about you. This will contribute to a higher customer lifetime value (CLV). CLV is a metric that quantifies a customer’s monetary worth over time. This happens as customers cycle through different channels like advertising or sales promotions. A good customer experience strategy will keep existing customers coming back for more. This will enable you to gain a competitive advantage over your peers. For more details, contact sales support.

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