5 Warehouse Automation Tips 3PLs Should Adopt

In the age of technology, many warehouse automation systems have come into play. This has proved to be a game-changer for improving efficiency and performance. Here are a few warehouse automation tips 3PLs should adopt to upgrade their industry.

Look for New Opportunities

Strive to expand your offerings and add new services to existing offerings. For example, suppose you’re providing logistics services for retail companies and fashion brands. In that case, add a service that allows customers to schedule returns from their website. This is especially important if the customer base moves toward this feature. This is because it will give them an advantage over your customers. Additionally, it offers extra convenience and flexibility.

The warehouse automation industry is evolving. So, companies must stay on top of the latest trends to take advantage of them when they arise. The best way to do this is by looking at what other companies are doing. Look at ways to apply those ideas to your business practices. Here are tips for looking for new opportunities in the warehouse automation industry:

  • Look at other companies’ websites and social media profiles. See what they’re talking about. , Look into what kind of content they’re sharing and how they present themselves online. These things can tell you about what they value as an organization. Plus, what kind of products or services do they offer their customers.
  • Read trade publications that cover related topics like logistics management systems. (LMS). You can also check 3PLs (third-party logistics providers) and inventory management systems (IMS). Inventory control software solutions, etc.

Keep Up with Trends in Storage and Fulfillment

The warehouse automation industry is changing fast, with new trends emerging. For example, data analytics and cloud computing have become critical to 3PLs. Mobile technology is also a growing trend that will likely continue. Companies rely on mobile apps and other tech to keep employees connected. They will also depend on their 3PL partner’s ability to provide those services.

Another trend worth noting is the Internet of Things (IoT). It refers to an ecosystem of intelligent devices that communicate across a network. The IoT allows for increased efficiency by connecting sensors throughout warehouses. It links manufacturing facilities so they can recognize when something has run out. They also check out what needs attention from maintenance workers. This technology reduces waste, improves safety measures for employees, and boosts productivity. This will enable you to focus on your core competencies.

Focus on Collaboration 

Collaboration is a crucial aspect of warehouse operations, particularly for 3PLs. The Warehouse Automation Council estimates an increase in global market spending. Spending on warehouse technologies will increase from $26 billion to $35 billion. This boon in automation has increased efficiency and productivity for many warehouses. But it also means a greater need for collaboration among industry professionals. 

In the past, warehousing was a very solitary process. But that’s all changed in recent years. This is due to the emergency of new technology and an increased focus on collaboration.

Here are some ways to use collaboration to improve your warehouse operations:

Collaborate with other departments

Collaborating with other departments is key to improving your operations and increasing efficiency. Working on beneficial initiatives makes sense if your warehouse is near other departments. For example, if one area of your company has excess capacity, it’s time to collaborate!

Work with third-party suppliers

Consider working with third-party suppliers if you’re looking to improve your warehouse operations. This is necessary if you don’t have the funds to buy new technology or hire more staff members! This can help you save money while still getting results—and who doesn’t want that?

Automate Your Tasks

Automation is an effective way to increase efficiency. It helps you to save time and money and scale your operations. Automating tasks can enable you to multitask. You’ll also be able to rely on automated systems for accuracy in data collection. This will help you to ensure that your data stays reliable over time.

Automated processes are also scalable as they need fewer employees. This means you won’t need more warehouse space once automation is implemented. There won’t be extra human resources required to support these tasks.

Automation is one of the most important things to improve your business. By automating your tasks, you can save time and money and ensure that everything is done the way it needs to be done. Here are some of the benefits of automating tasks: 

  • Save Time: When you automate a job, you save yourself time because you don’t have to worry about it. You’ll be able to focus on other things or relax while the system does its thing!
  • Save Money. Automation will also save money by reducing errors in your processes. This means fewer mistakes will happen, which means less wasted materials.

If It’s Not Moving, It’s Not Contributing to Revenue 

Automation can also help 3PLs in other ways. For example, it’s common for a customer to need parts for a breakdown day or night. Companies that keep their warehouses open 24/7 can meet this demand. They can achieve this without compromising quality. But this is possible or efficient by using warehouse automation technology. The system will alert you if anything goes wrong. Besides, it will allow you to keep track of your staff. This includes how much time they spend on each task, so you’ll know which areas need improving.

According to McKinsey & Co., automated systems increase productivity and reduce errors. Therefore, implementing these solutions should be essential when tackling any business problem.


As a 3PL, you will have to adapt to the changing needs of your customers. You are at a distinct advantage because you understand their business. Besides, you have insight into what they need to grow. But 3PLs need to stay ahead of the curve by looking for new opportunities in their industry.

The most successful 3PLs are looking for the next opportunity. And one way they can do that is by keeping up-to-date on trends in automation technology. For more details, contact sales support!

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